Preview of the specialized course in Timișoara: Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Olaf Beck gives exciting insights into the specialist course “Reconstructive surgery of the meniscus and cartilage of the knee” in Timișoara. Learn how this course advances orthopedic surgery and enables Dr. Beck to incorporate the latest developments into his practice to provide optimal treatment options for his patients.
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Attendance certificate
Attendance certificate


Dr. Olaf Beck gives an exciting insight into the specialist course on “Reconstructive surgery of the meniscus and cartilage of the knee”, which will take place on November 17 and 18, 2023 in Timișoara. Learn how innovative techniques and current research results in orthopedic surgery are revolutionizing the treatment of patients.

The course program

The course offers an extensive program that includes hands-on wet lab and simulator arthroscopy sessions with experienced surgeons. There will also be theoretical sessions with discussions on the latest techniques and research results in meniscus and cartilage surgery. High-level experts and academics will share their knowledge and present the latest developments.

Importance for practice

Attendance and presentations at this conference showed that colleagues in Europe are increasingly interested in regenerative joint therapies to delay or even avoid joint prostheses.

Addendum dated 21.11.2023: Dr. med. Olaf Thorsten Beck has received an official certificate for his participation.


Participating in this course in Timișoara is also another excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments in orthopedic surgery and to learn from international experts. Dr. Beck is looking forward to integrating these findings into his practice and offering his patients the best possible treatment.

Author: Olaf Thorsten Beck, MD

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